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Go on an amazing stargazing adventure at one of the best stargazing locations in Europe! The Exmoor International Dark Sky Reserve offers a unique experience to get up close to the stars. A moonless night on Exmoor sees thousands of more stars in the sky than can be seen from a town or city location. In a telescope many thousands of celestial objects jump out at your eye, making for a spellbinding night under the stars that lives long in the memory! Our 2-hour Exmoor stargazing experience gives you the opportunity to enjoy Exmoor’s night sky with an astronomer as your guide. The experience includes a laser-guided tour of the stars and constellations to be seen from Exmoor, and views through a large portable telescope of star systems, star clusters, nebulae and distant galaxies far beyond our own.  If we have the moon and / or planets in the sky we’ll visit them too with the telescope. This is a private stargazing experience run exclusively for the gift box recipient plus any family members and friends they wish to have along to share in the experience, up to a maximum of 15 persons.

In the 2-hour Exmoor stargazing experience gift box you get:

  • 2-hour stargazing experience gift voucher for a choice of locations on Exmoor valid for 2 years from month of issue
  • Instructions on how to use the voucher
  • Information about the stargazing locations we use on Exmoor plus map and directions
  • Information on recommended accommodation providers

Looking to buy a stargazing gift for birthday or Christmas? Our 2-hour Exmoor stargazing experience could be the perfect choice of present! The experience is suitable for stargazing beginners and experienced astronomers alike. It’s great for kids too. All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. If you’ve ever wanted to explore the night sky through a big telescope, or see the Milky Way in amazing detail, our 2-hour Exmoor stargazing experience might be just the ticket!

When can the voucher be used?

The gift box recipient has a 2-year window in which to take their Exmoor stargazing experience. They are welcome to choose a week night or weekend night anytime of the year, except 24-31 December, and subject to our astronomer’s availability. When using the stargazing voucher it is recommended that you book 8 – 12 weeks in advance for the best choice of dates.

What if it is raining or cloudy?

Naturally cloud and rain is always a threat. When using the voucher to book the stargazing experience we recommend that you choose 2 or 3 nights initially on which you’d be happy for us to run the experience. If it is cloudy / raining on all selected nights then we’ll simply roll the experience forward to an alternative date that works. We can keep rolling the experience forward until we are able to run the stargazing for you.

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Main Image used for the 2-hour Exmoor Stargazing Experience by Adrian Cubbitt.
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