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Ever wanted to see the universe through a big telescope? Our 2-hour stargazing experience in the New Forest gives you  the opportunity to get up close and personal with the night sky above us. We'll whisk you off to distant star systems, star clusters, nebulae and even galaxies of stars that exist far out beyond the boundaries of our Milky Way. Your 2-hour stargazing adventure includes a laser-guided tour of the stars and constellations that we can see from our New Forest location, and some memorable views of the cosmos in a telescope. One voucher covers the recipient plus up to 15 family & friends.

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Enjoy the magic of the night sky from Southern England with an experienced astronomer as your guide. Our 2-hour stargazing experience from the New Forest in Hampshire gets you close-up and personal with a starry sky. Discover star systems hundreds of light years away; find dazzling star clusters studded like gems along the Milky Way. There are red supergiants too, and the contorted wisps of nebula where stars are born, and what they leave behind when they die.

The 2-hour New Forest stargazing experience gives you an opportunity to see all this, and much more through a large telescope. If the moon and / or planets are visible then we'll go visit them too with the telescope. You'll get to see hundreds of craters dotted across the moon, ancient lava fields and mountain chains that are half the height of Everest! Our astronomer is on hand to explain the views tha you'll see, and to give you a laser-guided tour of the stars and constellations that we can see from the New Forest.

In the 2-hour New Forest stargazing experience gift box you get:

  • 2-hour stargazing experience gift voucher for the New Forest valid for 2 years from month of issue with option to extend for a further year free of charge if needed

  • Instructions on how to use the voucher

  • New Forest stargazing location map

It's the perfect experience gift for those who have a fascination with the night sky.  The New Forest Stargazing Experience voucher is suitable for individuals, couples, families and small groups. It’s great for children too from age 7 upwards. All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Voucher recipient may have up to 15 friends and family members share in the experience at no extra charge.

When can the voucher be used?

Anytime you want in the next two years! We run stargazing experiences from the New Forest all year round except over the Festive period. You'll need to book. Please consider booking well in advance of when you want to stargaze. You're welcome to choose a week night or weekend night, although weekend nights are more popular and so are less readily available. Do let us know if you'd like advice on the best time of year to stargaze from the New Forest.

What if it is raining or cloudy?

Naturally cloud and rain is always a threat. When booking the stargazing experience we recommend that you choose  2 or 3 nights initially on which you’d be happy for us to run the experience for you. If it is cloudy / raining on all selected nights then we’ll simply roll the experience forward to an alternative date that works. We can keep rolling the experience forward until we are able to run the stargazing for you.

How to book a date for your stargazing session

If you already have a voucher please email with your voucher number so we can let you know dates & time slots that are available.



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A great way to spend a winters night!
Jon M

We had a cracking time and learnt so much from Nick. Woke-up absolutely enthused the next day to keep on learning and developing the skills and knowledge around stargazing.

Stargazing is for everyone!

An amazing experience!

We had the best time star gazing!! Nick was so knowledgable and showed and taught us so much - it was incredible. Highly recommend to everyone as a wonderful way to spend a evening :)

Amazing! Highly recommended.

We had a brilliant experience in the New Forest. Nick was incredibly knowledgeable and engaging, the two hours flew by. This session was well pitched and great for all members of the group regardless of existing knowledge! We purchased the gift voucher for my Dad's 70th Birthday and were very happy with not just the experience, but how the voucher was presented. This made for a lovely gift and was an experience we won't forget. The friendly service, informative contact and flexibility in booking was brilliant and allowed us to get a lovely clear night in the New Forest. Thank you so much.

Wonderful stargazing experience
Paul R

We had lovely evening of stargazing with Nick in the New Forest. He was very knowledgeable and a great guide through the stars. Very happy to recommend this no matter what your prior knowledge of the cosmos.

Brilliant stargazing experience in the New Forest
Emma J

A huge thanks to Nick (and Seb) for the incredible stargazing experience in the New Forest! With a large group of 12, and varying knowledge of the sky, Nick held everyone's attention with easy-to-digest info, lots of interesting factoids, plus loads of incredible star gazing. It was so good that people who hadn't previously been interested in stargazing before would like to do another experience. 10/10
Brilliant experience and I'd highly recommend!

To Infinity………..
Gary Cross

An awe inspiring experience, Nick was entertaining and informative, whilst showing me stars, constellations and even another galaxy!! A really enjoyable evening amongst the real stars, incredible, thank you.

The most perfect stargazing experience in a magical location!
Vilija K

We had the most magical frosty star (and planet) gazing night last Friday! Very grateful to Nick and Seb for thorough weather forecasts when trying to pin down the best evening for my birthday present adventure which in the end turned out to be perfectly clear skies for the whole 2h! Nick was our guide for the evening in Burley, New Forest National Park, and made it super interesting / educational as well as entertaining (loved the astronomy jokes!!). The images were very impressive (Jupiter was our favourite) and truly amazing to see and learn more about the sky. Nick was super friendly and a wonderful story teller so the two hours flew by, even in below zero temperature. All in all, would highly recommend this brilliant family enterprise to anyone who is looking for a unique experience and is interested to learn about the night skies :)

Andrew Spencer

Great evening in the New Forest, enjoyed with my daughter and her fiancé. We are all amateur enthusiasts and Nick was extremely knowledgeable and patient answering all our many questions during the session!! Excellent communication with Seb during the booking and confirmation process ensured the night we had was in almost perfect conditions. A fantastic experience and highly recommended.


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